Delta General Agency Corporation

Hours of Service: 8am - 5pm CST Monday to Friday

Contacting a Manager

Executive Managers
Bill Fink CEO, President 713-570-2716
Dave Van Tiem Executive VP 713-570-2713
Sabrina Helfenbien-Pope Controller, VP Accounting 713-570-2714
Underwriting Managers
Greg Hood VP, Personal Lines Director 713-570-2751
Penny Restrepo VP, Director of Transportation 713-570-2721
Roya Azari VP, Director of Property & Casualty 713-570-2734
Wes Bowers Assistant VP, North Texas Branch Manager 713-570-2707
Supporting Department Managers
Connie Strader Manager of Human Resources & Administration 713-570-2742
Jim Allen VP, Marketing Manager 713-570-2751
Jose Ortiz Senior VP, Information Technology 713-570-2757